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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

Coffman's Chimney Sweeps services and cleans wood, gas and fuel oil burning appliances. While cleaning your flue we perform a visual inspection to make sure there are no safety hazards and we ensure that your chimney is in good working order. We use protective coverings on and around the hearth; we keep all of our tools on drop cloths and use a vacuum to contain the soot so we do a clean job every time. We clean chimneys for fireplaces, woodstoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces and water heaters. Our sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and we carry full liability and workers compensation insurance.

At Coffman's Chimney Sweeps, we are very conscious of the fact that a Man's Home is His Castle. We adhere to strict work standards in your home and on your roof. We have established a successful routine to ensure we do an excellent job every time.

If you are currently having any of the chimney problems below, give us a call, we look forward to being of service!

  • Smoking
  • Chimney Odor
  • Water Problems
  • Leaking
  • Loose Firebrick
  • Stained Bricks
  • Bricks Flaking
  • Excessive Creosoting
  • Damper Problems
  • Blower Repair
  • Down Draft
  • No Chimney Cap

Hole in your roof?

Chimney Caps

A proper fitting cap will also prevent birds, squirrels & raccoons from nesting in your flue. Ensure that no debris, leaves and limbs collect in your flue and block your chimney. We install stainless steel and copper chimney caps which have a limited lifetime warranty.

Chase Tops

Chase tops rust, corrode and deteriorate over time. We replace old galvanized tops with .040 thick aluminium which are stronger, rust resistant and provide you with years of protection from the elements. Each top is custom made according to your chimney’s specification.

Chimney Pots

European Copper Chimney Pots enhance the architecture of your home and are superior to clay chimney pots. They provide rain protection, deter pests, assist in chimney draft and serve as a spark arrester. Available in 4 sizes to crown your home with the elegance of copper.

Lock Tops

Traditional fireplace dampers do not provide an air tight seal like a Lock top can. Lock Top Dampers seal tight with a silicone rubber gasket which keeps from heat or air conditioning escaping your home through the chimney. Lock Top Dampers are top mounted with an easy to use handle for open and closing.

Is your Chimney a Rain Gauge?


The effects of the weather on chimneys is staggering, specifically the effects of water. Water may be the greatest and most pervasive enemy of the bricks and mortar that make up a masonry chimney. Coffman's Chimney Sweeps can help you prevent damage to your chimney. All you need to do is have your Chimney treated with ChimneySaver. This is a world class waterproofing system. It is guaranteed to keep water at bay for 10 years. Have your chimney waterproofed soon, and protect it from the rains.

Crown Repair

Most masonry chimney crowns are constructed of common mortar, which is not designed for nor will it withstand weather abuse. Most mortar crowns crack immediately allowing water penetration and damage to your chimney. We can repair most crowns with CrownCoat, a flexible waterproof sealant that is applied over the entire chimney crown.


Deteriorated mortar joints are entry spots for water. The most effective repair for deteriorated mortar joins is the tuck-point process. Your existing mortar is cut out to appropriate depth and repacked with new mortar. The joint is then formed with a concave surface that will direct water out of the joint.


In time even the best flashing job deteriorates and fails with age and weather. We use FlashSeal which is a versatile repair system that, when dry, forms a flexible waterproof membrane. It’s formulated for permanent adhesion to asphalt shingles, metal flashings, brick, and other chimney and roofing materials, even skylights! FlashSeal is like installing a rubber boot at the base of the chimney.

Home Improvements

Roof Cleaning

Is your roof showing stains from algae growth, detracting from your home's curb appeal? Roof stains caused by algae attack start out as areas of light discoloration then turn to unsightly black or dark brown streaks. We can deep clean your roof and protect it to keep ugly stains from returning.

Gutter Cleaning

Are you tired of the highwire act of cleaning your gutters? Coffman's Chimney Sweeps can clear your gutters and downspouts for you.

Deck Cleaning

Do you remember how nice your deck looked when it was new -- before sun and moisture took its toll? We can restore and maintain that look on decks, fences and siding with professional strength products. Our unique system safely cleans and brightens natural and pressure treated lumber giving it a beautiful, water repellent finish that lasts. We can save you the hassle and keep your wood looking like new!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clearing the vent for your dryer will increase the efficiency and eliminate fire hazards waiting to "ignite".


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The National Fire Protection Association recommends all chimneys servicing a wood burning fireplace or appliance be swept annually.

Moreover it states in section 211.13.2 that residential chimneys and fireplaces shall be inspected at least once a year.